The Backlot: Ken Block’s Gymkhana Eight Livery

This 650 HP Ford Fiesta glows in the dark and goes 0-60 in under 2 seconds

Rodric David with Ken Block's 650hp AWD Ford Fiesta RX43 before the Dubai shoot for Gymkhana 8
Rodric David with Ken Block’s 650hp AWD Ford Fiesta RX43 before the world premiere of Gymkhana Eight.

Wowza, check out Ken Block’s insanely exciting Gymkhana Eight: Ultimate Exotic Playground; Dubai filmed in my old UAE stomping grounds.  Just wait until you see Ken Block’s Ford Fiesta obliterate a Bugatti Veyron in a drag race before drifting its way around Atlantis, The Palm’s forecourt.

Ken Block, a champion rally driver with Hoonigan Racing Division, has been producing some of the Internet’s most popular videos with his Gymkhana series beginning in 2008.

Block’s Gymkhana Two The Infomercial became one of YouTube’s most viral videos of 2009 and spawned an entire genre of thrilling and outrageous drifting videos.

Ken Block's 650hp AWD Ford Fiesta RX43 before the Dubai shoot for Gymkhana 8
Thunder Studios’ 21-foot-diameter turntable provided the Hoonigan crew with every conceivable angle they needed to complete their final delivery. Watch the final cut at

Thunder Studios was thrilled when the Hoonigan Team asked to photograph the star of Gymkhana Eight — a 650hp AWD Ford Fiesta RX43 — on our 21-foot-diameter turntable located on Stage 2. We’re glad we got to see this beauty in person and take a peek into Ken’s cockpit.

Kudos to a masterful driver and a fantastic production team. We can’t wait for Gymkhana 9!

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