DISTRIBUTION 103: The Tipping Point

By Rodric David

Rodric David with a camera at Thunder Studios, header image for the Distribution 103 blog post.
Rodric David on the set at Thunder Studios

I believe that we are now at the tipping point of massive change in the global distribution of video content in all its forms. Within the next 10 years I predict the complete overhaul of global video content distribution which will radically change the way we consume it and the way we engage with it. Inevitably, this will lead to the destruction of many traditional content distribution conglomerates and the emergence of new, more agile companies that take advantage of rapidly evolving technological advances without the burden of legacy investments and relationships. The battle for consumer eyeballs is just beginning, and the battleground is the pockets of a global audience with a mobile device and access to broadband internet.

Rodric David, smiling with arms crossed, in official headshot as the Chairman and CEO of Thunder Studios
Rodric David is the Chairman and CEO of Thunder Studios

Distribution has always been the great barrier separating content creators and their audiences. Film distribution has been controlled by the major Hollywood Studios and television distribution by the Cable and Satellite Television Distributors. Historically, independent content creators had to develop pilots to pitch traditional television and cable networks in the hope that the network would purchase the programming at a fee that might recover the production cost. Similarly in film, independent filmmakers had to raise equity from various sources, often family and friends, to produce their film and then hope it could be sold to distributors at a price that would recover the cost of production.

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