A Content Revolution

By Rodric David

9 June 2016

Inbetween shots during filming, Rodric David sits at at a boardroom table with a green screen backdrop.
Rodric David on the set of Thunder Studios’ upcoming feature film Nine Eleven.

A tipping point was reached in 2015 when consumers spent more time engaged on mobile devices (198 minutes per day) than they spent watching programming on television (168 minutes per day). I find it extraordinary that this fact remains largely under reported in the mainstream media, as it is the single most important proof point for the future of entertainment consumption. More astonishing is the fact that it took a mere eight years for this tipping point to be achieved from the time that Steve Jobs introduced the first smart phone to the world in 2007. This revolution represents the fastest broad based consumer adoption of new technology in history.

In my earlier article, ‘Distribution 103: The Tipping Point’, I theorized that the use of mobile devices by consumers and access to high speed broadband networks is accelerating the democratization of content distribution and that the battle for consumer eyeballs is just beginning.

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